Friday, January 15, 2010


AppZapper is a really great App. It works better than other application uninstallers and is way cooler too! With 2.0, AppZapper now has lots of new features. You can browse your apps by date last used, size, and much more. You can even search for apps to delete from inside the app. AppZapper is very quick and snappy and when you delete something, you hear a "ZAP!" sound that, if you want, can be disabled in the preferences. AppZapper also uninstalls widgets, preference panes, and other files cluttering up your library folder. Another new feature in this version is the "My Apps" window. With this, you can drag apps you have purchased into the window and then type in your serial number for that app so you don't lose it. My apps is a great way to keep track of your purchased apps. AppZapper is animated nicely and works great. A few features I would like to see added are having a helper app that deletes apps you put in the trash and a mode that saves an apps preferences for later, in case.

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