Friday, March 26, 2010


djay is a very cool little application for Mac. It lets you do lots with your music from scrating, mixing, speeding, slowing, and tons of other things that will make you feel like a real DJ. djay is great for parties, hanging out with friends, or just plain having fun. djay integrates with iTunes so you have all you iTunes music right at your fingertips. Just drag the song from the sidebar onto the turntable and it will start spinning. djay lets you scratch and mix your music many different ways.

You can use a mouse, keyboard, the MacBook's touchpad, a MIDI device, or the controller made especially for djay called Spin. The Spin accessory makes it even easier to use djay.

With djay, you drag the song you want to play from the sidebar and it will start playing ready for you to mix up. You can move the needle, scratch the record, and a bunch of other features like looping, cue-points, transitions, and skipping. You can even record your masterpiece to share with others. djay is the best way to mix and mash your music. There are tons of possibilities of what you can do with djay. djay has tons of features just waiting to be discovered. I highly recommend djay to anyone with tons, or even just a little, music. Try it out. You will not be disappointed!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Rocket Golf

Rocket Golf is a fun golf game for Mac, but with a twist. Unlike traditional 3D golf games Rocket Golf is 2.5D. The graphics are 3D but the gameplay is 2D. To hit the ball, you press and hold the mouse button and aim. An arrow shows the power and direction of the hit. When you release the button, the ball is hit. You have to make it to the hole while avoiding obstacles such as water. Don't forget to take wind into account when you hit! The $15 game comes with 2 courses consisting of 18 holes each. You then can purchase the other 2 courses for $5 each. You also can save money by purchasing the full game with all the courses for only $20. When playing you can play with 1 to 4 players. Rocket Golf is a fun game to play to waste time.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bridge Construction Set

Bridge Construction Set is a very fun, addictive game. It starts easy but gets much, much harder as you go on. The point of the game is to build a bridge across a gap. You are given different materials on different levels. You also have to build bridges that open so boats can travel under on some levels. The games has good physics and is very fun to play. The game comes with lots and lots of levels to play and also lets you create your own. This is a very fun and educational game that I highly recommend.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Bumptop is a desktop replacement for Mac or PC. It gives you a 3D workspace. You can pile files, change their size, post them on the wall and more. You can put sticky notes on Bumptop or you can even put a photo on the wall. Bumptop is a very interesting software to use. It is fun to play around with, but if you don't have lots of files on your desktop it might not be as useful. If you have a touchscreen computer, Bumptop would be great for you though. I recommend you try out Bumptop to see how it works for you.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Pixelmator is a very good Photoshop alternative for Mac. It doesn't contain all the features of Photoshop, but for the price it does a lot and does it well. Pixelmator is very easy to learn, especially for anyone who has used Photoshop before. It contains many of the tools from Photoshop. One of Photoshops very useful tools, the magnetic lasso, is missing from Pixelmator. Pixelmator opens and saves as Photoshop documents so it is compatible with Photoshop. Pixelmator has a very nice interface and works well, but also has a few bugs. Another thing I would like to see in Pixelmator that Photoshop has is the history palette. Overall, Pixelmator is a very great piece of software at a very great price!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Osmos is a very fun, addictive game. The goal of the game is to consume other motes but not get consumed yourself. You can propel yourself forward by releasing matter of yourself behind you with the mouse. This make you shrink. You start off the game on a few tutorial levels and get a sample of the three game types and then you can choose your own path. The types of game modes are a relaxing mode, an orbit mode where everything is orbiting around a central object, and a mode where you have to eat a certain creature before it eats you. The game generates random variations of levels so there is always something new. You can zoom in and out of the view and speed up and slow down time also. The game features a relaxing soundtrack and great visuals. I highly recommend Osmos. It is a great ambient game.

Graphic Designer Toolbox

Graphic Designer Toolbox allows you make amazing graphic with very little work. To make graphics, you use building blocks, rather than other methods accomplished in programs like Photoshop. Graphic Designer Toolbox does have a slight learning curve, but once you understand it, you can make lots of things from textures, buttons, logos, icons, text effects, or just about anything.
With Graphic Designer Toolbox, you start with an empty grid on the top right, blocks and options on the bottom right, and an empty output box on the left. You then place blocks on the grid to create your masterpiece. The blocks are read from to to bottom. For example, they might read photo, zoom, and crop.
You can easily make amazing graphics with Graphic Designer Toolbox. They even provide many tutorial to help you get started. I suggest visiting the screenshot gallery to see what you can do in Graphic Designer Toolbox:
I strongly recommend this program.